What is the BitComplex Fund?

BitComplex Fund is a fund for the management of crypto-currency assets, a symbiosis of traditional ETF-funds and active management funds in the crypto industry.

The fund is designed to simplify the entry into many crypto assets through the purchase of one token and increase the investor's profit through active management of the capital in the crypto-currency market.

Our fund trades on the largest exchanges of crypto-currencies
The capitalization of the fund is
more than $ 2 million.
The capital increase of the fund is
$ 100,000 per week
Features of the fund
The ability to choose scenarios for working with the fund or diversify risks through different fund strategies

Buying an index, managing assets through the purchase of a fund token, active account management without buying a fund token

Keeping stock tokens in MyEtherWallet's own wallet, low commission (3% per entry and 0% for withdrawing from the fund)
Security of funds invested

Most crypto assets are in cold storage, the rest are stored on the world's largest crypto-exchanges

Diversification of risks through investments in the top 50 crypto-currencies
Price 1 TKN = 35$
Yield since the launch of the fund
50% in BTC
20% in ETH
5% in USD
Why is it worth investing in a crypto currency?

Acquiring more and more popularity as a technology, blockade attracts a huge number of developers and users. The constantly growing interest and the tendency to reconsider the place of crypto-active assets in the legal field led to a rapid increase in the capitalization of the entire industry.

Since the recognition of the crypto currency (along with stocks, bonds and other securities) as a means of payment in Japan and a number of other countries in early April 2017, the capitalization of the digital assets market has grown from $ 27 billion to $ 832 billion (!) (According to coinmarketcap). From 2009 to 2017 (over 8 years), the industry reached the April level, and then rose more than 30 times in 9 months. This indicates an exponential growth of interest from investors.

How to get started with the fund?
Determine a comfortable amount of investment. The minimum amount of investments in the fund starts from $ 500
Pay stock tokens in BTC or ETH. To do this, make a translation to the address of the relevant block-platform
Open the wallet on MyEtherWallet to store the stock tokens. Add the BCF token to your wallet.
Send us the purse number for crediting the fund's tokens and watch for weekly earnings.
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The fund invests in TOP-50 crypto-assets on capitalization: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and 45 other crypto-currencies

The "Index" strategy corresponds to traditional ETF-funds and involves tactics of buying and retaining assets without elements of active trade. Choosing the "Index" strategy, the fund receives 3% on the input from the invested amount, then 10% of the net profit once every six months.
The "Management" strategy corresponds to the practice of management companies, where the analysts and traders of the fund conduct withdrawal, entry and rebalancing of portfolio assets. Choosing the strategy "Management", the fund receives 3% at the input from the invested amount, then 10% of the net profit 1 time in 3 months.
Active trading outside the fund
The strategy of "Active Management" allows you to not transfer funds to the fund, connect a trading robot to your account on the exchange. Choosing the strategy "Active Management", the client personally sends 30% of its net profit from its account on the exchange 1 time every 3-7 days, depending on the term of work with this
Industry news

Судя по всему, в наступившем 2018 году популярность и принятие биткоина будут расти. Год только начался, а мы уже услышали несколько громких заявлений. Сначала Джейми Даймон из JP Morgan Chase объявил, что сожалеет о том, что назвал биткоин аферой. Сегодня самым известным из крипто-скептиков остался Уоррен Баффет, который ожидает неизбежного краха биткоина. А теперь один из крупнейших банков США, Goldman Sachs, официально признал, что криптовалюты могут использоваться в качестве денег.

Технологический гигант Microsoft возобновил прием платежей в биткоинах в своем онлайн-магазине. Как сообщалось ранее, на прошлой неделе компания временно приостановила прием платежей, что по словам источника внутри организации было связано с «нестабильным» состоянием криптовалюты. Причина, скорее всего, крылась в высокой волатильности и стоимости комиссий за транзакцию.

Благодаря компании Phillip Securities Thailand, тайские инвесторы смогут спекулировать на цене биткоина через глобальный сервис торговли деривативами. Такое решение было признано законным тайскими регуляторами.

How can I start investing in the BitComplex Fund?
Register on the site
Go to your account and click on the "Buy BCF" field.
Send the bitcoins to the specified address (your personal bitcoin-address)
You will receive tokens in an hour
How it works?

Let's look at an example. You sent us BTC to buy 100 tokens. At the moment, your balance is 100 tokens or $ 100, taking into account the cost of 1 token of $ 1. In the course of price changes for crypto assets the security token is provided and its price is changed in dollars. For example, in the last 2 months the price has doubled and now you can sell or exchange your tokens at BTC in your personal account to your BTC wallet.

What are tokens?

They provide you with guaranteed possession of digital assets (liquidity of tokens is 100% provided by crypto-currency assets)

How much can I invest?

The minimum amount of investments in the fund starts from $ 500

What fees will I pay?

At the entrance you transfer 3% commission to the fund to maintain the system, after, every half year you transfer the fund 10% of the net profit.

I want to exchange my tokens for BTC.

If you want to exchange tokens for BTC, you need to go to your account and specify the amount of tokens you want to exchange for BTC and your BTC wallet in the "withdraw" field. We send a confirmation letter to your email address.

We will calculate the value of the tokens every day at 12.00 GMT according to the tariff for coinmarketcap.com in relation to our crypto assets. The funds are credited no earlier than 6 hours after the calculation. After this procedure you will receive a BTC to your wallet.

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